Application Fee
Course Tuition $4,000
Required Reading Books and Supplies
MACTE Fees $161
CSUEB Credit
$89 per unit for 24 units / only for Primary
This may be changed by CSUEB with no notice. This fee is collected from each interested student by the MMTTC and sent to CSUEB at the registration for each quarter. This is optional.

In addition, students who chose an intern site located more than 50 miles from MMTTC will need to pay for the cost of transportation of the field supervisor to and from their intern site for the required three on-site evaluation visits.

The Application Fee is due at the time of application. MACTE fees are due in September of the first year of enrollment .The first installment of tuition is due upon acceptance to the course. Payment each quarter is due on or before the date of registration. Any special arrangements for tuition payments must be made with the Director and documented in writing.

A full refund of all fees, aside from the application fee and MACTE fees, will be made available to all students in the following circumstances:

  1. You have the right to cancel your agreement for a program of instruction, without any penalty or obligations, through attendance at the first class session or the seventh calendar day after enrollment, whichever is later.   After the end of the cancellation period, you also have the right to stop school at any time; and you have the right to receive a pro rata refund if you have completed 60 percent or less of the scheduled days in the current payment period in your program through the last day of attendance.
  2. Cancellation may occur when the student provides a written notice of cancellation at the following address:  MARIA MONTESSORI TEACHER TRAINING CENTER 1170 FOXWORTHY AVENUE SAN JOSE, CA 95118.  This can be done by mail or by hand delivery.
  3. The written notice of cancellation, if sent by mail, is effective when deposited in the mail properly addressed with proper postage.
  4. The written notice of cancellation need not take any particular form and, however expressed, it is effective if it shows that the student no longer wishes to be bound by the Enrollment Agreement.
  5. If the Enrollment Agreement is cancelled the school will refund the student any money he/she paid, less a registration or administration fee not to exceed $250.00, and less any deduction for equipment not returned in good condition, within 45 days after the notice of cancellation is received.

A refund of all fees will be made if the program is discontinued, or the specific segment is cancelled or postponed. A refund of all fees will also be made if the student enrolled because of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials provided by MMTTC, or misrepresentation of the program provided by MMTTC faculty members or other official representatives.