Lower Elementary Course Summary

The goal of the Lower Elementary Course (6-9) is to create adults qualified to teach children in Montessori classrooms, provide advice and support to parents and inform the general public about Montessori education and its goal of social progress and peaceful co-existence. We wish to provide the child with best guides possible. Graduates of the program are qualified to hold a teaching position in a Montessori Elementary school (6-9 year old) classroom. The topics covered are 1) Montessori Philosophy, 2) Child Development, 3) Montessori Language Arts, 4) Montessori Math & Geometry I, 5) Montessori Psychology – Cosmic Education, 6) Montessori Art & Music, 7) Montessori Classroom Management, Administration & State Regulations and 8) Practical Life & Physical Education. 9) Earth Science. The lower elementary training does not hold MACTE accreditation at this time, but the program has been submitted for approval.